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Kevin Spacey

"I don't have time to make movies, so I'm not offered that many movies. I get the feeling from journalists that they think you sit around and decide which movies you're going to do. I'll let Tom Hanks do that one and George Clooney can do that one. That's not the way it works. There are only two reasons I do movies. One: because they offer it to me and two: am I available to do it.

Allen Coulter

Allen  Coulter
Full name: Allen Coulter
Birthday: 0000-00-00
Country: USA
City: College Station, Texas
Ocupation: Director

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Allen Coulter as director

Remember Me Remember Me
Date: 2010-03-12
Rating: PG-13
Length: 108 m
Budget: 16000000
Genres: Romance

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